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Whether you are a student, a parent, a taxpayer, or a teacher, this blog has something for you. Whether born and raised in Yuma, transplanted to Yuma, or considering moving to Yuma, this blog aims to shed light on the resources available to you to help you navigate the local educational system as well as understand basic aspects of the educational policies at the state and federal levels.

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Please understand that this blog is in no way an official representation of any of the policies of YUHSD #70 or its Governing Board. I do not intend to speak on behalf of anyone but myself.
After being raised in suburban Chicago, going to school in Annapolis, Maryland, working in Washington, DC, and living in Virginia and North Carolina, the Marine Corps dumped me out here in Yuma, Arizona. Leaving the Marine Corps, I could have gone anywhere, but decided that Yuma was the right place for me because I love my home, love my neighbors, love the desert, and love the sunshine! Upon the prodding of one of my neighbors, I earned my real estate license and started selling homes here in Yuma. Although I still maintain my license and enjoy helping people with real estate, I had the opportunity to be a substitute teacher in early 2012, and after a couple weeks in the classroom, I knew I had finally found my true passion! After the semester of substitute teaching ended, I worked independently to get my intern teaching certificate and was thrilled to be hired at Gila Ridge High School. Before my first year of full-time teaching even started, I began working on a Master’s of Education degree in Secondary Education through the University of Arizona and completed the program in May of 2014. In August of 2013, I began a second Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Supervision through Arizona State University which I anticipate completing in July of 2015. I thoroughly enjoy teaching at Gila Ridge and I intend to stay right where I’m at and continue working with the amazing students here in Yuma. I currently hold secondary school teaching certifications in Mathematics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology, History, English, Art, Business, Earth Science, Economics, General Science, Health, Music, PE, Physics, and Political Science/American Government. I have a passion for lifelong learning, and I love being able to share that with my students. I also have a powerful belief in the potential of the youth in Yuma, and I look forward to watching this city grow with them. Finally, I very much value the free transfer of information and ideas, and I believe that it is very important to take an active interest in the infrastructure of institutions that shape our community’s future.

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