Gila Ridge High School Chess Team

Welcome to your source of information for the Gila Ridge chess team!

If you have any questions after reading through this page, please text Coach Rodenburg at 928-289-9862 for the fastest response.

chess square


Before students can compete in tournaments and receive a ranking, they need to be cleared through the athletic office.  Chess does not require a recent physical nor completion of the AIA Brain Book, so all elements of registration may be completed quickly online through: Register My Athlete

If you are new to this system, here is a link with detailed instructions on the registration process: Registration Step-By-Step

Learning Chess

The Basics

If you have never played before or if you are just learning, this video introduces you to the board and the pieces:

If you already know how the pieces move, but want to refresh yourself on some basic strategy, this video can help:

A Bit More…

Click here for some quick reminders on the legal moves and rules of the game: Chess Basics

Some Challenges…

Click here for a little challenge: Chess Puzzles


Here is our up-to-date practice calendar. All tournament dates are tentative and times are to be determined. You can click on each entry for more details.

Practice Philosophy

Our goal is to help everyone improve their game. We welcome all players of all backgrounds and ability levels.

Coach Information

This is Coach Rodenburg’s first season coaching the Gila Ridge Hawks Chess team.  The best way to contact him is via text at (928) 289-9862.  Here’s a link to a slightly outdated bio: Rodenburg Bio

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